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Online Therapy


Online Therapy: About Me

It's Convenient

  • The most valuable benefit of online counseling is that you have your therapist available to you anywhere you can access the internet in your state.

  • Sessions can take place in your own personal space that is most comfortable to you.

  • Online therapy provides less hassle for you if you live in a remote area with less access to mental health providers.

  • Pets are always welcome to accompany you in sessions.

  • Use any device such as laptop, computer, phone, or tablet. You may be comfortable in your own bed, office, car, backyard or even have sessions on the beach in a quiet location!

  • You are just one easy click away from being instantly connected to your therapist!

Saves You Time and Money

  • Save time and money without the need to get ready, leave the house, drive, waste gas, get stuck in traffic, or have to take time off work or find childcare.

  • Some jobs may not allow you to take an hour off for unspecified reasons. With online therapy you can take advantage of online counseling sessions during breaks or lunches.

  • You will never have to awkwardly wait in a waiting area with other clients.

  • Cutting out the time to travel and get ready actually helps to boost the quality of services and helps you conserve your energy for seeking help!

Backed by Research

  • Online therapists can do the same things as traditional face-to-face therapists, just in an online environment.

  • A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that patients noted a significant improvement in their symptoms of anxiety and depression after using online mental health care services.

  • Since the global pandemic, recent extensive studies have proven online therapy to be just as effective as in person therapy, if not better!

Online Therapy: FAQ

Who is Online Therapy Not Suited For?

Although online therapy has been proven to be effective in improving mental health symptoms, it is not suitable for everyone. Online therapy is NOT suitable for:

  • Anyone who is actively suicidal

  • Anyone who is actively thinking about harming others

  • Anyone experiencing psychosis or a manic episode

  • Those experiencing severe substance abuse

  • Anyone experiencing a crisis situation that warrants immediate law enforcement or medical intervention

  • Anyone experiencing abuse in a relationship, such as domestic violence, that may require law enforcement intervention

Online Therapy: About Me
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